Friday, February 04, 2011

The Oppressed Rise

The Arab people, from the Gulf to Morocco, have had enough of their governments. This is the beginning of the end for the majority of the regimes in the region.

The majority of the Arab rulers are a dirty, nasty bunch. They believe that they are superior to the masses that they govern.

For most Arabs the equation is like this:
  1. You want opportunity ? Sorry that belongs to the regime, in order to "protect" you.
  2. You want equal rights to a ruler ? Since you are both born human beings, the same in the eyes of God ? Sorry that belongs to the regime, in order to "protect" you
  3. You want to express your unhappiness with a policy of the regime? Sorry that belongs to the regime, in order to "protect" you.
  4. You want to open a Buisness and compete in a fair environment? Sorry that belongs to the regime, in order to "protect" you.
Let us go back dear readers, to 70 years ago. 70 years ago, the Asian people went through famine after famine, war after war. However, through their wise government initiatives, the people managed to pull themselves out of their predicament, and China, where 40 years ago many people starved to death is today the key holder of American debt.

Meanwhile in the Arab world, regime after regime robbed and stole their peoples, massacred them, engaged in futile projects with concern not for their people, but their posts and families. So the Trabulsis became Billionaires, Mubaraks cronies became rich, Saudis oil wealth was squandered and Saddam wasted his country's youth and power in his idiotic and futile wars.

It is because of 18 or so people that the Arab world has not been given the chance to catch up with the rest of the world. So 18 people through their irresponsibility and evil have destroyed the futures and aspirations of 300 million people.

So we come to the point. The Arab leaders dont care about their people. They view them as dispensable objects and slaves, simply numbers that can be tortured, beaten, shot and murdered. They dont deserve to have the right to speak their minds, they dont deserve to have the right to hold their leaders accountable, they dont deserve to have a future like other people. The Arab leaders view their people as nothing short of Untermensch. Subhuman barbarian hordes who would allow everything to descend into chaos if they had the right to rule themselves. They share this mentality with the Nazi party of Germany.

But we all see, In the New Egypt, In Tahrir square, how the Egyptian people have responded to such allegations. They have been orderly, peaceful, celebratory, and they have defended themselves when attacked. No women are harassed, no fights break out, and nothing but a festival of freedom occurs when the Egyptian government is not there.

Tahrir square is the heart of a New Arab world. It is a place where you can say what you want, when you want to. Where people take the initiative and organize themselves. It has taught us that we ARE a people that can take care of ourselves, just like any other people in the world. We reject unjustified violence, but will always defend ourselves. We believe that we are all equal, and no one is better than the other.

Pay no heed to this snake Mubarak and his promises to stand down. He is a Nazi, he is a snake. He is a thief. He will never allow openness, as this Cohen so eloquently puts it.

So, this stubborn man — who has ruled with the sweeping powers of an Emergency Law since Anwar el-Sadat’s 1981 assassination; who has broken countless promises to revoke that law; who has just overseen a farce of a parliamentary election that stuffed the legislature with his National Democratic Party; who has refused to offer any succession plan; who has allowed a coterie around his son Gamal to amass Farouk-like wealth through sweetheart deals — had planned to step down before his people rose up!

So all his promises to step down will be nothing but words. He and his son can both not serve in politics, as long as they have a friend serving, they'll get off scratch-free. They can still control the system. They can still play their games and use their dirty tricks to hurt their people.

Mubarak will not give up easily. He will still put up a fight. He will still shamelessly pay people to go and fight the freedom fighters in Tahrir square. Therefore only the Egyptian Military can step in, remove him, and place Ahmed Shafiq, current PM, the only suitable competent person I see in the ruling National Democratic Party, to take his place in an interim government, that can organize things for fair and free multi-party 2011 elections.

Mubarak should then retire in Sharm El Sheikh, and be allowed to have his right to die on Egyptian soil. And after that we will see what happens next in the Arab world.

Here's to a day when all Arabs will hold their leaders accountable.


Seabee said...

The Domino Theory has proved to be wrong in the past, but my feeling is that this time it's going to happen. More bad regimes will fall.

Anonymous said...

That's a brave write up. But actions speak louder.

That, in my opinion, separates Tunisia and Egypt from the rest of the Arab world.

Good Luck.