Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And so the Crackdown in the Emirates Begins....

A very worrying article in the Al Jazeera Newspaper Today:

"UAE arrests activist who preached openess" (In Arabic)

The activist in question of course is called "Hassan Mohammed Al Hammadi" and is currently residing on Khor Fakkan, which follows Sharjah.

I will give you a rough translation or summary of the events. Basically after friday prayers, Hassan decided to give a speech at his local mosque, about a topic related to what is currently occuring in Egypt. The Criminal Investigation depeartment picked up on him and he is currently jailed in Abu Dhabi.

Emirati Human rights activist Ahmed Mansour meanwhile, states that this is a part of a wider campaign by the government that has shown an unrestrained crackdown on the citizens of the UAE, since the death of Sheikh Zayed.

According to Ahmed, many Emiratis have been:

  • Denied jobs in government security serves
  • Banned from travel
  • Fired from their jobs
Accordingly, many of these peoples families have been targeted by:
  • Firing them from their jobs
  • Not allowing them any chance of promotion
  • Denying their Children University Scholarships.
I'm not sure of the validity of the usually-dramatic Al Jazeera. However this has caused me to be more careful. If such acts indeed take place, then these acts are backward, wanton, and are nothing the UAE, which portrays itself as a moderate and developing country, should associate itself with. 

The good job that the ruling families have done with the UAE must not be negatively affected with these terrible (if actual) things.


Anonymous said...

These things DO happen, where have you been?

Autocrat said...

We know the happen but the question is why is this system of having laws...and then ignoring them to serve the purposes of the few ruling oligarchs is so pervasive in middle-eastern countries.

5 years in uae, I still don't know if there is such a thing as "due process".

In fact I don't think anyone I know really knows the laws of that country.

Edarabia said...

oh yes. there is no law for the residentials and for the kings sons... you can watch a video of shiekh beating a person in presence of a policeman. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

Anonymous said...

and cnn now reports that al monsour has been detained.
(no verification)

MASS said...

These are natural policies of a survivalist authoritarian regime.

There will never be freedom with these royal families, they need to be uprooted in anyway, countries of the GCC cannot protect themselves from foreign occupation/interests/intervention being divided into small weak entities. and the real barriers to any serious integration are these royal families and a lack of political will.

morle said...

rules and laws are meant for common people in the countries like UAE, and not for richest people. Need to change the system.

Middle East News Reporter said...

These are not good circumstances for the locals and these allegations from the government should be condmened.

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