Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eskut ya Kalb !
Arab governments trying to shut their people up will not be successful.

The Arab Papacy, or the Mutawaeen who act as if they are designated preachers, will usually tell you that a ruler is a "Wali-El-Amr" meaning that he is an executive in your right. And that disagreeing or not listening to them will result in you apparently going to some imaginary hell they have carved into their minds, which the enslavers of young girls as "Ma Malakat Aymanikum" will avoid.

So lets face it. The Mutawa Papacy is incredibly corrupt and unreliable, and it must not be given any role in politics for its fabricated insanity. But wait a minute, this insanity is actually allowed to continue based on the whims of most arab rulers.

Lets be honest here, dictatorship has certainly flourished in the Arab world in the past 50 years. When you have the best security forces, the best internal security and intelligence, its usually for a reason. It is due to the scary obsession with control that leads to the oppression of people in detail until they eventually burst.

It is scary when you have the people taking it up as a pleasurable new pursuit, such as the TRA's macho men trying to ban a blackberry service. It is also scary when you see people supporting the attempts of government to shut up the average individual, such as when a policeman is fired for exposing Abdul-Aziz Al Ghurair, chairman of the FNC, getting an exemption on speeding fines.

But what about the future ?

The reality is this, the Arab world is changing. The Arab world has gone from being illiterate 50 years ago to 70% literate today. We have facebook, youtube, mobile phones. One person who gets killed today is a tragedy, and we are no longer in the stage where if a thousand people get killed its a statistic. There are no more kurdish massacres, no more Hama massacres, no more of the insanity of Saddam Hussein. The Arab governments that killed and impounded in the thousands before are wary of taking one prisoner. These regimes are now on the defensive.

And its all in the best, the cocktail of religious fabrication along with dictatorial oppression can only result in one thing:

"The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990 had put the kingdom and its ruling House of Saud at risk. The world's most valuable oil fields were within easy striking distance of Iraqi forces in Kuwait, and Saddam's call to pan-Arab/Islamism could potentially rally internal dissent. bin Laden met with King Fahd, and Sultan, Minister of Defence of Saudi Arabia, telling them not to depend on non-Muslim troops, and offered to help defend Saudi Arabia with his mujahideen fighters. Bin Laden's offer was rebuffed, and after the American offer to help repel Iraq from Kuwait was accepted, involving deploying U.S. troops in Saudi territory,[50] he publicly denounced Saudi Arabia's dependence on the U.S. military, as he believed the presence of foreign troops in the "land of the two mosques" (Mecca and Medina) profaned sacred soil. Bin Laden's criticism of the Saudi monarchy led that government to attempt to silence him."

So then Bin Laden goes to Sudan, and this entire mess starts.


ultra[blue] said...

Last 50 years? Dictatorships have existed in the middle east since Umar was killed. Fact. Maybe in a clandestine way, but right after that, starting with Muawya, it has been one for or other of dictatorship.

We can hope for change, we can SAY things are changing, sadly, all the wrong things are changing, and none of the right ones.

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I absolutely second that..except the right things are on their way & they'll come.Hope keeps us alive.

Paris Louvre Hotels said...

But guys,in this state of malfunction...Hope almost have left us :(

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