Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diplomacy, Russian-style

Now we have Russian agents running around shooting Chechen exiles in Dubai. This is the typical Russian and Soviet oppression of anyone who dares to resist or to speak contary to thier own hyper-nationalistic objectives.

The Russians have killed over 200,000 chechens, and who in the muslim world gave a crap ? No one talks about the chechens, no one supports the Chechens, they have been exterminated and no one gives a flying fuck ! You want to keep talking about Palestine, oh the Palestinians are still there last I checked, it was the Chechens who were completely exterminated and raped down to the last man woman and child.

Why do we do buisness with these people ? We dont need their oil, we dont need their tourist dollars or their dirty gangster money.

I say we find the son-of-a-bitch who did this, we catch him, and then we sentence him to life in the most homosexual prison we can find where he can spend the rest of his years being someones bitch.


Balqis said...

Why don't you call OBL and the Talibans to a table of negotiations after they've killed your people ?

Emirati said...

Not to a table of negotiations, but to a prison cell. Like all civilized countries should do.

Balqis said...

And that's what we're doing but is a bit difficult to act in a civilized way with them and other Muslim subjects
In fact your country is the only in Gulf to have sent troops in Afghanistan
Is easy to accuse Russian security services of every single crime
If it was the FSB to have carried out the crime, how comes local police didn't know anything ?
And apparently he is still alive ...

Emirati said...

This sort of random killing is murder, which suits a criminal organization.

Exactly the description of the FSB.

Balqis said...

FSB doesn't kill randomly, specially abroad
And they are security services, each country has
And anyway he was pro-Kremlin
So might have been Kadyrov, fearing to lose power
But before pointing fingers, we must have evidences

rosh said...

DAMN bastards! Hitting at a country's most prized asset!

BuJassem said...

hala Emirati.. keef al 7aaal?

good post.. bad frequency of posting!

write more!

moryarti said...

Agree ... may he rot in Khawaneej

Patriot said...


Khawaneej? thats a nice rural place on the outskirts of dubai..

I think you meant "Mukhariz", the most infamous prison in the UAE...

Muscovite said...

Hi from Russia.
I thought I have to correct your mistakes and wrong facts - if not to say lies.
1. Chechens weren't totally exterminated. There are 1.36 MILLION of Chechens in Russia, 1 million living in Chechnya.
You can easily check it:

2. Chechnya is ruled by Chechens, it's mostly monoethnic Republic in the Federation, most Russians fled in other states of Federation from the war and persecution.
3. FSB probably didn't killed Chechen exiles in Dubai - it was a conflict between Chechens themselves. Chechens killing Chechens.

I understand, that the image of "oppressive" Russians may be very attractive for an Arab and Muslim, but I hope for your rational mind and logic based on facts, not lies.

With respect,
From Russia with love

shamma said...

Nobody can interfere in other country’s affairs unless the other country demands a help or assist.

The country’s sovereignty takes as far away from this issue.

Plus the media role in ignoring such issue or killing takes people away from it.