Monday, February 23, 2009

Abu Dhabi 3030

Thats right. I said it. Abu Dhabi's 2030 plan is in fact going to take another century to fully realise. It will be over by 3030, by the time cars are obsolete and people are flying around in remote pods.

Why is it that the Abu Dhabi Works Department and the Civil planning comissions enjoy embarassing Abu Dhabi in front of the rest of the world ? Where is our transportation system ? Where is the Abu Dhabi metro, with a good metro critical to an aspiring developing city.

Where is the Union Rail line that was supposed to connect the UAE and deliver freight and passengers around ? How come other developed countries have efficient high speed rail and we do not ?

In these testing financial times, government spending into infrastructure, education and more efficient government are of the highest importance. We are now on the downcurve. We need to make sure that the government properly spends its money allocated during the boom years to catch the next boom as it takes off. So we are not left out in the cold as we were during the dot com boom of the 1990s, when gulf GPD growth rates were in the 2-3% range.

With the Sheikh zayed mosque taking 12 years and still running to completion, and the Shiekh zayed bridge not even 50% complete and already in construction since 2004, it remains to be seen how the Abu Dhabi municipality plans to take this important project and bury it with beauracracy and useless potential studies.


Anonymous said...


Hardly. The sheikh of boredom.

People who claim to be contraversial, and do so just in the name of contraversy, tend to, I have noticed, be full of shit. As you are.

And your blog is rather pointless. You succeeded in one thing though. boring me to fucking death.


dots... said...

it actually makes sense what you have said ... the next quarter is the most challenging one and we shall see a lot decisions made..

but at least ... look at the bright side of it.. financially wise... AD is quite in a good position compared ...... :)

Neil Roberts said...

Actually a tender wne tout today I think for companies to submit proposals for a metro system. Will be a major challenge though. They reckon that currently 15,000 cars an hour flow into AUH, but will be 100,000 by 2020!! I recon that wil be a queue stretching from the Corniche well over the bridges!!

Emirati said...


I suggest that you go kindly start a blog of your own so we can see what kind of interest you can afford us.

Thats right, youre only capable of providing destructive criticism. Destruction. Or an attempt at it.

Like an insect.

Now bug off.

rosh said...

Thoughtful post. It's wise to take baby steps and develop a mature well connected public transport system. I'm not sure if everyday folks at AUH can afford those cars, not many perhaps. Inter-Emirate rail transport and dedicated bus lanes shall help much into future.

Dots, given current gas prices, bailing out DXB, as well as AUH's investments gone sour (e.g. Citibank's share price is $2 approx, compared to $76 purchased by AUH for a total of $8 billion ) - I'm not sure financials look rosy at this point. Perhaps, it's time for added diligence with public spending.

3lo G said...

Seriously Abit?

More on topic:
AD has to tread carefully. I dont think being slow is a bad thing at this point. When you have figures jumping from 15k to 100k cars there is bound to be trouble. I dont view those numbers optimistically, and for good reason. Recently Dubai eye had a talk with a bigwig in the yachting industry, and they were talking about how the gulf is set to be a major yachting point, attracting yachts from europe.

So basically they were saying that europe would give up Cannes, the red sea, and asia just to make it here. For a few thousand berths. Assuming the economic crises still leaves the funding for berths intact...

Patriot said...

you should look up the AD UPC (Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council) they are a relatively a new department in the ad municipality, but there are the ones responsible for a large portion of the sensibility in terms of development and infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi.

They are doing all they can, but they can only do so much. its a very political matter. but they need people like you emarati or any competent native to help spearhead their intiatives.

BuJassem said...

Good to read from you buddy.
Indeed I cannot fault what you said, but like we say in Arabic... من كان يؤمن بالله واليوم الآخر فليقول خيراً أو ليصمت
so I will offer you my silence.

unJane said...

Whew. That was close! I had planned to delete your url from my book marks if you hadn't posted anything new. Your comments are so fresh and unique and it would be great if you became a little more prolific. I don't know the perfect answer to development. Too fast/too slow. Who can say? Perhaps the key is to be thoughtful and work from a budget so that there is little waste or showmanship. Are there civic planners here? Town hall meetings? Votes and referendums??

Patriot said...

There is a few urban planners in a special department attached to the Abu Dhabi Municipality. their role right now is basically to work with the development companies by reviewing the projects against a set of criteria that promote good urbanism. the group is composed of up and going western planners from canada, new zealand, the united states, and australia and local and arab veteran engineers who are responsible for the design of Abu Dhabi infrastructure in the past.

from what i know, they will be continuing their role as an over site committee by reviewing new and existing development projects. but in future, they plan to expand by designing new urban places suitable for the unique urban landscape of Abu Dhabi.

BuJassem said...

wow, who are you Patriot!?!

a smart guy with an internet connection :)

btw, i seen AD's plans for 2030.. very impressive.. but this metro business ready for 2015 is a bit unrealistic!

Patriot said...

Thanks for the compliments BuJ,

I interned at the UPC in the summer last year, thats all...

BuJassem said...

oh, do you mean UBC ya wa6ani?

Patriot said...


well its called the Urban Planning Council... so UPC.

UBS? oh, i get it now, you got me Mister

(btw, i am patriotic for all the wrong reasons ;)

Patriot said...

UBC i mean :P

well even the most daft locals do not mix up between C and S.

so i guess that just makes me a regular guy with an (unreliable, of late) internet connection...

BuJassem said...

hala Patriot.. hope you're not involved in the (reliable/unreliable) shooting down of other things, hehe.

BuJassem said... for your pleasure

Patriot said...

I honestly have no idea what you said!

Here is something cool i found: