Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tax oppression ala Anglais

The following article references the severity and stupidity of overly-taxed countries.

On top of travel costs, returning Britons [from vacation] face a limit of £145 ($298) in the value of goods imported, after which they must pay 20 per cent tax. Attempted evasion - or ignorance of the limit - is penalised by doubling the tax.

So if im a Briton (Allah forbid), I goto Dubai, I buy something about 1000 dirhams tax-free, the British government ruins everything by making me pay tax or gives me a fine. I have supposedly done something wrong by buying something from a tax haven.

'Proud and industrious' Britain has gone from British oppressor of the world in their countries with taxes to Oppressors of British people in world countries with tax.


Stormy said...

May Allah bless the UAE with peace and long life unity Inshallah

Happy National Day :)

unjane said...

Color me curious........If Allah is just the Arabic word for God, why do you say Allah when you are writing in English?

rosh said...

Happy National Day Emirati - hope, UAE continues to garner similar sentiments & souls as you.

Emirati said...


It is because I want to.

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