Monday, September 10, 2007

Cursed westerners

From the wise words of the all-knowing General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim

(he was).... commenting on a case involving four daughters who are seeking a court order to evict their mother from the house they inherited following their father's death in Sharjah.

"This is not acceptable - an odd phenomenon in our society. I think those four girls must have studied in Western schools which teaches children erroneous ideas about our culture and life," Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, told Gulf News yesterday.

"It is unacceptable that children go to court against their parents whatever the reason," he said. Lt Gen Dahi said Emirati society is facing changes and challenges from Western schools and foreign education.

That was another stroke of genius from Dhahi khalfan.

His recently released music CD is now on sale througout the Emirates.

Tracks include:
  1. Foreigner Baby-Killer
  2. Shoot Ajram
  3. No FNC because I love the UAE
  4. Theyre not Arabs- We think
  5. No Russian Burj Blues
  6. Jews in Jumeirah
  7. Rapist Construction Worker
  8. Poetry about Poverty
  9. Foreigner Baby-Killer Remix (Feat 50 Cent AKA Mohammed Al Rumiathy and Rihanna AKA Asma Saleh)


Anonymous said...

Emirati, all you need are the following:-
1. knife

this is how it works, you tie the rope to the bridge as well as your neck, then in use the knife slit your wrists, and for the ulimate finale jump from the see its so simple. If you do it now maybe just maybe people will pray for you during ramadan
enjoy the rest of your day.

vagabondblogger said...

Hahaha. I read about this situation in the Gulf News. We westerners are up to no good, and should all be blamed because three young women can't stand living with a nag of a mother - or at least, that's what I read. I would suggest the western way of dealing with it, which would be for the girls to move out on their own, but knowing a little about the UAE, customs, and society, having their mother evicted is probably easier (and better for their "reputations".)

Emirati said...


What you need is the following

1. Humor
2. Humor
3. Humor

This is how it works, you make a joke or make fun of someone which makes everyone laugh.

If that fails, then realisation of your suicidal ambition is the call of the day.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to this picture than western education systems and values to explain the serious dysfunction in that family. For ALL 3 adult daughters in an arab family to resort to such an extreme measure knowing the inevitable backlash nixes the "western" argument. Also, for someone in the Lt.'s position to make a statement like that is a joke and should be an embarrassment to the powers that be here.

rosh said...

loooooooooooooool - the tracks are just brilliant & hilarious!!

: )

On a slightly serious note, I would think evicting a mother from her late husband's home is not a norm in Asian or ME cultures. Perhaps not the norm in the west either, however it does happen more often.

Anonymous said...

we miss you emarati, please blog often

Keefieboy said...

I´m really missing Dhahi

Suddenly Dubai said...

RESPECT for the general please. I thought all emiratis felt like the Sheikh quoted in the Times of UK (Blessings be upon it)

Another sheikh is more explicit. “Soon,” he says, “every Count of Monte Cristo will be in Dubai. In 10 years, only rich and famous people will live here.”

Uh how much was David Beckham paid to graciously accept a place in the poky palms ?

Again all hail the general - Restecp!

Anonymous said...

unJane said...

Good to have you back, Emirati.

Besides the fact that the 'children' acted like spoiled brats - not that unusual in any society - I was curious why they inherited the house in the first place. In our wills, I get everything if my husband goes first, he gets everything if I go first and everything is distributed equally amongst our children if we go together. Is this not the norm everywhere??

BuJ said...

Lol you don't quit eh?
this is humour at its darkest!


Wishing you a happy Ramadan :)
embarak 3lek el shahr

lancaster liza said...

i say,what is the fool talkin aboot,eh?

Stormy said...

Humor might work somehow !

but this what we will gain from where we reached !

Ramadan Kareem

صلعم said...

This guy is one of the last Arab Nationalists from the Egyptian
Abdul Nasser movement. He is doing an excellent job with the police though (compare it to Sharjah which is less than 15 minutes away!), although I do not agree with most of his views.


Ahmed Shubbar said...

IF I was head of Dubai police I'd be insane too!

secretdubai said...

"It is unacceptable that children go to court against their parents whatever the reason."

Why do people (=idiots) make sweeping statements such as this? I can think of a range of valid reasons why a child might need to sue a parent. All of them immensely regrettable, but we all know regrettable situations occur.

Lt Gen Dahi needs to grow up and get over his "blame West" mentality. The West didn't invent vice. There is a reason the qu'ran contains plenty of advice and guidance on morality: because early muslims had plenty of "erroneous ideas" of their own without any western input.

Arabized said...


a good read before my boring class. :)

Ramadan Mubarak!!

I would say something to the first comment by "anonymous" @ 9:56pm
but im fasting.

Anonymous said...

I am a American here in Dubai and I have to say I hope this was just dark humour and not a real quote.

But if it was a true quote by this person it shows their ignorance of other cultures and countries.

I can tell you that the norm for our culture is when the husband dies the wife receives everything unless the will states otherwise. As does the husband receive everything if the wife dies, unless there is a will which states otherwise.

So the behavior of these women cannot be blamed on "Western Education" because this is not an example of how our culture works, at least in America.

Ahmed said...

After reading your post, I found another article on General Tamim which I think you'll enjoy. I linked to your blog as well.

Check it out @

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

what really bothers me is most foreigners have something negative to say about gulf countries. if you are not happy with our way of life or our culture then please go back home.