Friday, June 08, 2007

10 Billion Dollars

How much is 10 billion dollars ?
  • Enough to finance the university education of 120,000 Emiratis on Scholarships abroad
  • Enough to build 7360 villas for low income Emirati families
  • Enough to pay in full the Marriage fund entitlements to 400,000 Emiratis
  • Enough to buy 100 million 100$ laptops for school education
  • Enough to build 11,547 kilometers of paved roads in the UAE or abroad
  • Enough to give every labourer 10,000 Dirhams to help increase their standard of living.

Enough to be wasted in a grandoise scheme, and enough to be seeped up by corrupt arab totalitarian regimes.

Here are some more statistics

  • The amount stated is 260 dirhams per Arab child.
  • It is 36,000 dirhams per Bearuacrat and ball-buster policeman
  • It is around 4 million dirhams for each high level government official

What an absolute and utter waste. You couldnt waste money better if you flushed it down a toilet or burned it in an attempt to warm the southern fucking pole.


localexpat said...

hmmm interesting point of view.

Facinating that everyone else has considered this as an act that other arab leaders show emulate. I personally had some thoughts in the same line as yours.

I believe your argument is that consider how corrupted the arab goverments are most of the money will eventually go into their own pockets. Wouldn't you consider this to be overly pessimistic?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Damn it. Why dont you ask where that money came from? Grom where did he get the 10 billion dollars to impress Haya in Haya's home territory, Jordan.

Knowing how egotistical and dimwits our rulers are: I can vouch anything he did it so he can impress his inlaws in Jordan.

Ten billion of peoples money that dude stole. That's right. Ten godamn fucking billion.

Its just too depressing thinking about it. Couldnt he do the decent thing and return that money to the people hes been stealing from? I mean I cant believe it, he's so shameless its unbelievable. I'm tearing my hair out.

There are tons of poor emarati's and this dude and his other six buddies live like there is no tomorrow. Visionary my ass ibn il kalb.

Ahmed said...

hella hella chef il 7al?

I love your blog...this is comming from someone born and raised in Abu Dhabi (and who is half Emirati)

Check out my blog...

keep up the good work

rosh said...

If the last set of statistics is true I think it's quite unfortunate/sad. There are fellow citizens in much need of jobs and decent living standards.

Pearl of Dubai said...

I am confused, what is this referring to?

othman's lexus in ukraine said...

ok, what exactly r u whining about?

tiz max said...

is this a thinly veiled(?)attack at shaikh mohammad?

othman's lexus said...

u still haven't explained what this is all there something i missed in the papers? i mean ,i was out of the country on a short vacation(no,not ukraine!singapore!!) and i didn't even check my e/mail,nothing.
so,pls brother emirati, tell us what exactly is the problem? shukraan

Anonymous said...

othman lexus..........

What exactlt is your problem? Cant you read? Cant you deduce when you read?

Some crook took ten billion dollars of people's money so he can impress Haya.

Where that ten billion came from, there is alot more left behind to finance super extravagant to the point of madness lifestyle.


o L! said...

anon 12:46
why didn't u scream at pearl of dubai too in yr report? or r u just too chicken??? do YOU have an explanation??? if so,share it! if not, get bent!!idiot!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, ok O L!
I will scream at pearl of Dubai.
Pearl of Dubai, my comments apply to you too.
Sorry O L, its just your comments were the last one, so you appeared more prominent.
Just as we get shafted by the sheikhs because we are the last ones, the same happened to you here.

fouad from jleeb elshouykh said...

where the fuck did he come up with 10 billion $(if i am correct, that is about 36 billion dirhams, give or take!)

BuJ said...

UNRELATED: i can't wait to hear your take on SALIK

rosh said...

re: Salik, make that two (u & i) BuJ :)

Lirun said...

very interesting

i*maginate said...

It would be interesting indeed to learn of the opinions of educated people on the matter of education.

BuJ said...

Rosh: you realise I haven't written a post about Salik yet because I don't know how to approach it and not sound like everyone else.

I'd prefer to stand from the crowd and also offer a very attractive plan B. This takes time and I don't have much of it.. or rather I don't have the inclination.. uff.. not feeling 100% recently..

I would like to offer an alternative transport plan, because I think we have the capabilities to make dubai truly amazing in terms of transport. Creating the RTA was a smart move, but now we need to shape and mould it.. and you know .. Rome wasn't built in a day.. or 2 years.. which is approx the age of the RTA.

I'm aware of their short-comings and that's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's shameful if they don't improve.

Dubai's road-building and improvements in that field have been truly amazing and very impressive.. just remember how the roads were just 5 yrs and u will see what i mean.. i'm asking u to look purely at the BEFORE and the AFTER.. don't just remember the construction period.

Now we need to learn how to integrate everything together. If you double the number of cars, in the past you used to double the number of lanes (check out SZR or EM Road). This linear theory is great when you have a simple set of inputs.. but a city is nothing close to simple.

If we think laterally and try to make the best out of what we got.. so metro (soon).. roads.. creek (now they are re-discovering that).. car pooling.. busses.. but in a smart monitored way.. not just put a bus stop and an illiterate bus drive and expect an instant solution.

yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

mimi the jew said...

buj! yr comments have what exactly 2 do with the topic on this blog???

rosh said...

Thanks for that BuJ - I am sure it shall continue be positive, Salik or no Salil

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd attach a link to the above story. Individuals buying the new superjumbo for private use.

Its says almost all the buyers are middle eastern.

How much you want to bet that all of them would be some filthy arab despot?

Pearl of Dubai said...

I second the request from BUJ to hear your thoughts on SALIK. And thank you for scolding me about how naive my question was about what you were referring to in your last post.

BuJ said...

pearl of dubai.. actually i'm drafting my own response to salik.. don't think the RTA will get away without my endorsement :)

plus i got some history with these hard-workers in the dreaded offline world.

Anonymous said...

i think you guys are a bunch of fuckwits losers and are jealous of someone who has done a good job for his country
you fuckin idiots all you can do is critisize at someone who has actually set targets to improve the standards of livinh in his country, honestly if you think you are men enough why not face the guy himself and explain your views to him, afterall his majlis is open daily. i guess your just pussy ass cowardness wont allow you to face him.
Emmm Mr Emirati blogger go fuckyourself in a remote are in the country and then end your life, if dont appreciate sucess i believe that your as useful as a dead ugly rat, ignorant fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:21...........
Why dont you go and fuck yourself. idiot.
So he had targets and whatever, does he have the right to steal the money? Its because the country is full of dimwits like you that sheikhs can take all the money they want from the public.

I appreciate it that as far as Arab rulers go, he is excellent. I give him that without hesitation.
But he only comes as good, because the comparison is so shit. All Arab rulers are scum whose apetite for luxury is limitless, unfortunately indulged with public money.

So i'm jealous. If i rob you on the streets, and then spend your money buying a car does that make you jealous or furious? eh?
Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

1:59 AM

my god how old are you dumb fucks? listen you inbread fuck wit, if he is entiteled o something he takes it, but he gives back to the community,
you are narrow fuckin minded its just stupid, "If i rob you on the streets, and then spend your money buying a car " if you can try it, cause i will hurt you
stupid gay fuck.

Anonymous said...

anon at 3:15 AM............
"if he is entiteled o something he takes it"

So what do you mean by that then? Do you you mean like the way every man is entitled to your ga7ba mum. Do you mean that kind of entitlement.

As far as I am concerned the sheikhs are entitled to nothing, zip, nothing. It belongs to the people.

As far as everyone else's entitlement to your mum though; well then in that case its a different matter. In that case I agree, if we feel like having your mum, we will have her.

I bet anon their is a queau outside your house. I mean since you worship the sheikhs so blindly, I'm sure your family behaves like them
The sheikhas are extremely liberal, if you talk nicely to them they lay it out. Its common knowledge.

Infact haya's boyfriends are so public knowledge, there are tons of pictures with her and her previous boyfriends. Everyone knows sheikh Maktoum was buying used goods, and so did he.

Anyway anon, your mum is asal saafi, tasty.

rosh said...

Why you guys so goddamn angry/hateful to each other? People can have different opinions and be respectful to one another walla? I mean you are all from the same country, and this tiny country needs much uniformity.

Just expressing my humble 2 fils.

Anonymous said...

6:05 AM

you see this the reply of a stupid gay fuckwit like yourself immature and gay.

seriously if your man enough and can prove to this dumb blog if you are a real man approach shiekh mohammed and tell him what you think, i am sure he'd listen to a an inbred fuckwit like yourself. listen man no hard feelings but i am sure that there is a space available for you in al qouz graveyard make use of it, its got your name on it.
till then think about your lonely life and how useless it was,

Anonymous said...

anon 6:05................

Gay this, then gay that. Are you gay yourself? perhaps that is why you like the sheikhs too much. have they been giving you something? You know its not unheard of you know.

Qaboos in Oman in a certified gay. Rumours are abound that hes giving a new Range rover, or a BMW seven series for services rendered to every man that does him, or he does. Hes both Fa-il and maf-ool.
Never trust an Omani that drives one of those two cars, you never know how he got them.

But really, whats your problem? Are you happy the sheikhs treat us like rubbish. Where's the accountability for their palaces and their private Jets.

And I wouldnt mind when the sheikhas decide to lay it out, they give give to an average emirati civil servant. Noooo they give it to other people. See doesnt that piss you off?

As regards to Haya, and her sisters, step mums etc. They are all certified ga7bas and sharameet. Everyone knows it. They were all educated in western boarding schools. And they made alot of people very happy.

Let listen anon khaara. Whether you like at or not. The sheikhs are giving it to us, baadly. No mercy. bas thanks be to God, their women are getting it niiiiiccceeeeeee. Hahaha yeah they are getting it. But its not your average jassim thats hitting it unfortunately.

Now anon, there is a slight possiblity you might even know some sheikhs. So what I'm saying is damn true and you know it. You are way too up their arses to see it though.

And when you go home, pleask ask your ga7ba mum, who is your real father? ok?

Emirati said...

what a bunch of very immature people. I would wipe the fucking floor with you 12.21, but then again, you would wipe your self on the floor for a person you dont know.

Im not saying that all sheikhs are bad, just that it appears that some of them make very bad mistakes, which our children will later have to pay for.

BuJ said...

under the cloak of anonymity all these "super-breeds" of masculinity (and profanity) seem to appear.


Anonymous said...

5:15 AM Anonymous
6:59 AM Emirati

i take it you guys are both a gay couple... "But really, whats your problem? Are you happy the sheikhs treat us like rubbish. Where's the accountability for their palaces and their private Jets.". I would wipe the fucking floor with you 12.21"
listen i can bet that none of you fagots are actual true emaratis, i bet you little bitches are yemanis or something stupid like that.. ok listen you fagots my advice to you is talk to the shiekhs tell them whats in your heart instead of being internet tough bitches, and you anon your not local i can tell thats why your talking tough but not acting tough...
tell shiekh mohammed about his wife and then i will probably respect your views, but till then your still a fagot always will be.
Emarati please check who is your sponsor before immigration cathes you and improsines you for being you.

debbie menon said...

tsk tsk. all this hatred for what?

Anonymous said...

Anon I will tell him to his face after he tells us how much of government he spends on himself and his family.

Look I will take our sheikhs over any of the other faeces this exist in the arab world.
But that dont mean I think they are angels. They stink of shit.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it's very sad the discussion took this kind of turn. It's very disappointing guys. We are all adults, aren't we?!

bulgarian bitch said...

all this and hooters is not yet coming 2 dubai! why,i hear u ask? because of their attire? bull@&%@!!!

hemlock said...

sombre as this post was, the comments made me smile (out loud). is this what we might call "virtual" aggression?

sara_tocof said...

Dude, you have some serious cohones to disparage ehem, His decisions. Not that I would publicly share your opinion and be haunted with the thought of some government official snatching back my passport and importing me to my motherland (which I can't speak the language anyways).

But I would anonymously, and pathetically in cover, root for your opinions. Its not that I disagree that our neighboring Arab countries are in no need for serious emergency aid funds, it's just there is many in here suffering right under His nose. I can fling a rock from my window and hit at least 2 of them.

But its good to be giving sometimes, ever for the ungrateful. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!

I love the Emirates and the middle east,it's lovely and complex, and would love to go back there.....

but i left because i couldn't handle the inequality! Watching hundreds of workers marching down Sheik Z. road in single file to the labour office, because they hadn't been paid in months..

I left because i couldn't handle watching that and being powerless to do anything about it!

Anonymous said...

For the record that last comment was in response to the original post on the blog, not all the inane abusive comments after ward.

To the owner of the blog, i suggest you go through and start moderating or deleting stuff that you find offensive in the comments column!!