Thursday, September 21, 2006

A tribute to the better Pope.

I do not think anyone could find anything bad to say about Pope John Paul II. I am a Muslim. According to my religion, the pope should not exist. But I do have the Utmost respect for this kind man. He was a leader and a teacher in tolerance and respect. Mehmet Agca shot him in 1981, but the pope visited him later to talk about it. I was very saddened by his death and appreciate his role in helping the world..

And then this ape came along..

God, could you lend us back the old pope ?


Anonymous said...

dear Emirati, I hope you're really proud of your last post.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

The resemblance is striking I must say.

The former pope was quite a gem. First Pope to visit The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus a few years back.

But I must say, on one issue I do agree with the current Pope regarding churches not being able to be built in Saudi Arabia when Mosques are financed and welcomed in Europe.

What do you say?

Emirati said...

Well I am all for building churches in Saudi. I think religious authorities can benefit from interaction with one another and that isolation is dangerous.

Anomolous said...

I'm assuming that you are referring to the Pope's recent speech. Maybe you could write a blog entry, from the Muslim perspective, about what the main points of contention are over. As a non-muslim, I found reading the speech kind of dry and boring. Are there major theological underpinnings as to why Muslims would disagree with the Pope here? Or does the controversy mainly revolve around that 14th century quote?


Emirati said...

I just think the pope messed up. Im not going to burn flags or hurt anyone. Im just going to say he is an intolerant provocative little shit.

Anomolous said...

Did you read the speech?

Anonymous said...

The previous Pope was pretty bad too - I guess he just didn't say anything about Muslims.

Pondering American said...

I wish you would write a thoughtful piece to his sppech and address the conserns. I found the Speech on the whole provactive but thoughful. He is adressing concerns that many Christian faithful have and want a conversation over. Also the current Popes statement on Islam should be taken in consideration also.

Further lets remeber something about the past Pope. For all his overtures it seems that people forget there was a real plot by Muslime extremist to kill him while he was in the Phillipines. Something that I am suppose the Catholic world is suppose to forget. Benedict is not a enemy of Islam except of course that he wishes to spread the Gospel.

The problem is that the World is not sure yet if the extremist will prevail yet. COuntries though like the UAe give us hope

Anonomyte said...

Maybe you should write a post about his speech. Would be great to discuss the points there ;p
I dont really know exactly what he said, didnt read his statement. But the muslim reaction is quite over the top. Pretty pathetic.... so what if the pope is judging the religion? Is that supposed to tremble your faith and make you overreact ? Its funny how people forget basic islamic principles when under stress.
I believe muslims nowadays have very low faith in their own religion.