Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fan Mail

"Generally Americans, (see for polls) 80 % disapprove selling toUAE.Perhaps UAE is a better ally than rest of the muslim world but nevertheless that's not enough to justify selling out our ports.History is on our side and right now UAE is still suspicious.

And probably will be until we defeat all terror which would require radical reformation in islam, democracy in middle east, rights for women etc.We own the great USA and we have every right to defend it !Just like a landlord can say no to a stranger trying to rent out anapartment.And it's better to be wrong than sorry !We pay taxes, we have democracy which UAE lacks and we have every right totell our government to not sell our strategic ports, especially ports ofTexas which are military ports only.Please don't complain about American literacy rates, last time I checked UAE is at 78 % while America is at almost 100 %. 4 out of 10 muslims in theworld have never seen a paper and cant read or write. Look it up yourselves.UAE was one of three countries in the world to recognize the Taliban as thelegitimate government of Afghanistan.

Americans never donated money to Taliban directly, you are wrong !
We tried to stop the communist Russia from spreading by supporting the rebels before they went crazy
I admit we never finished the job and terrorist took over and that was a major mistake.
If you ask me we should have wiped the islamo-fascists off the planet earthback in the 70s, Israel would be a happy nation and so would be the worldwithout terror. Gas would be cheap and Opec would be somewhere in a grave, sincethat's exactly what large percentage of muslims are trying to do to west rightnow !
Saddam was a bad mistake again, but there was no terror and no trillion $
Palestine terrorists and Al-fucking-Qaida.

Any nation that supported and did business with Taliban should have beentreated like Taliban so they can enjoy their 72 hairy virgins. (why 72 ? And why virgins ? I guess it's the pedophilia syndrome, not man enough to fuck a realwoman...)The UAE has been a key transfer point for illegal shipments of nuclearcomponents to Iran, North Korea and Libya. ( I say flatten their empire andput them back on camels if they dare to attack us again)
Who gives a fuck what Iran did to UAE, that\'s not the point!!! Your ports officials still regulated the nukes business and that's enough to never allowyou into this great nation.
UAE ports are state owned not private companies and your state sheiks aresecretly willing to attack us, guess what ? We will fight and we will win !According to the FBI, money was transferred to the 9/11 hijackers throughthe UAE banking system. After 9/11, the Treasury Department reported thatthe UAE was not cooperating in efforts to track down Osama Bin Laden's bankaccount
As long as there are individuals sympathetic to the islamo-fascists, they will find ways to support them financially. We have to break your religion andmentality since latest BBC polls show that 40 % of muslims support the view of terrorists.If you ask me, the way to reform the muslim world is by giving them equal rights to men and women. Both are sexually oppressed, perhaps men should wear burkas for next few centuries and arab hotties can walk around inbikinis since it\'s hot there anyways. Give men the right to have sex and their libido will go down, there will be less burning over a cartoon that tells the story as it is.America is too kind to muslim world, America is lucky I am not in charge"

I got this via Email, and I think you can see why. I'll allow you to ponder how people can say this, instead of warranting it with a reply, which is already available on this blog.


3lo G said...

Idiot,.,. Let this person visit the UAE, learn about it, and then talk. Its no use saying things without first-hand experience.

(NOTE: Im supposed to be illiterate? Hell, I could chop that guy in half with the quality of my English ...)

If he really did his research, he would know that the UAE is quite literate, peaceful, AND progressive.

Anonymous said...


This is what you get for slandering and bending over for a stash grab, Habibi. I Hope you get one of those every day and for the rest of your miserable life.

Emirati said...

slandering and bending over for a stash grab ? Im sorry but im not going to generalize about people as a whole. Of course im going to deal with people like these. You on the other hand continue waving your Arab nationalist flag in the slums of wherever you live.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

What a charming letter. Do send him a "thank you" note.

"Generally Americans, (see for polls) 80 % disapprove selling toUAE.Perhaps UAE is a better ally than rest of the muslim world"

While you do that, do highlight the grammatical errors in his post. After all, we must safeguard the language of "the land of the brave and free."

Brian said...

I don’t consider the San Francisco Gate a valid news source. This whole fiasco is completely politically motivated and sadly demonstrates just how easily the American public can be manipulated by a few misstated “facts”. As an American who travels to the UAE often I do my best to convey my warm feelings for the country and its people back in the US. I don’t have to tell you that many Americans lack an intellectual curiosity about events and places beyond our own shores which sadly results in situations like this. To make matters worse, the current ugly political climate here has many of my fellow citizens in a near constant state of agitation.

One positive aspect is that the US media is pretty much all in agreement that “every expert they speak with says that there is no problem with this transaction”. So if the media is not going to continue to propagate the myths being uttered by many of our elected representatives, I expect that this will fade away quickly.

Read today's editorial on the DP transaction at:

John B. Chilton said...

I received an equally charming email. Like Emarati I thought about exposing that filth to the bright light of the day. Maybe I will some day.

Came from a Romanian who is now a US citizen. Clearly a Nazi still fantasizing about Arian supremacy. As if I even care to spell it right.

The scary thing about the email I received is that the guy clearly was highly intelligent. What may surprise you is that he is a "liberal."

As far as the average American goes, let's give the poor schmucks the benefit of the doubt. The UAE isn't on their radar screen. They react, they get informed, they calm down.

My wife - who lives in the US while I'm here in the UAE - set her coworkers straight without any coaching from me. She's been here. She knows. All it takes is knowledge. The UAE could do itself a big favor if it makes it plain what it is doing in support of the war on terror. It's helping big time, but nobody knows it.

Rock.the.Casbah said...

"History is on our side"

I think we should set up a fund to raise money so that this dude can take History 101. Or maybe we can buy him a newspaper subscription or even a small radio?

(Dr. Phil style)

What do you guys think?

I'd happily put in twenty bucks. ;)

BuJ said...

It seems to me that whoever wrote this is missing the point and scared to discuss the real issue here.

The issue is "Change".

BuJ said...

Oh yeah, and further to what Shaira has written.. suggest that he use a spell-checker. I hear Microsoft (an American company) has range of products to suit his needs.

overworld said...

Most Americans I know had never even heard of Dubai until the Discovery Channel aired a special last month on Ski Dubai...

Now that it has been thrust into the spotlight, they see "UAE - The Middle East" and immediately think "terrorists", because that is what our media force-feeds us over here.

When I tell people that I am moving to Dubai next year, when I mention where it is, everyone gasps and asks how I am going to like having to be "all covered up" and live in a compound.

It's just ignorance. Perhaps now, Americans will be able to learn about what the UAE really is, and not be slaves to mis-information.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

How sad... just a bitter person...
I actually laughed ... blinded by bitterness...and I dont think he is a Nazi...