Wednesday, December 14, 2005

University Cliches

Our university is pretty much divided into social groups.

  • The Hillbillies- Guys from the Western UAE, Bani Yas, The Perfectures Dotted around Abu Dhabi. Little English Capability, Mostly Yemeni, Saudi and Omani Immigrants. Usually found in the University "free" canteen because they dont have any cash on them.
  • The Beemer Club- Rich Boys with Beemers, a minority since most of the Pampered rich kids head to AUD. They get a reality check when they learn that the Hillbillies dont put up with shit, and smack them in the face with an Iron rod. They hang out in the Expensive canteen where they have food they could be getting free, for money because they can.
  • The Smokers- My group. Smoking and Bitching about shit in University. Usually more Intelligent than the other species. Hang out between buildings 2 and 3, usually smoking and avoiding the HSE guy. Dont Eat, or Eat around the Little Canteen near 2 and 3.
  • The White Locals- From the Northern Emirates, Hardworkers here to avoid unemployment at home. Dorm people that hang around the Dorms doing nothing, or stay and watch TV.
  • The Arabicans- Americanized Arabs that Date, Drink and Go Clubbing, a minority.
  • The Zalamat- Northern Arabs coming to Study in the University. Sometimes resented for getting a free Education while other locals cant. However they make up for it by being the feeding source for Ideas and being hard workers. Also hang around the "Free Canteen"
  • The Dorks- Nerdy Students, a minority, usually are the Arab version of the Nerd that likes to impede other people through misinformation and tattle taling.
  • Deutches Studenten- German Students On Internship in our university, keep to themselves but miss pork very much I presume.


A Yahya said...

I am not to sure if i would like your Uni. I dont think I would make any friends there coz i dont fit into any of those groups. Ya3ny I have the look, the attitude and the cash flow of a Hillbillie...

I also have the brain of a nerd, BUT I am waaay to good looking and stylish to be considered a dork ;) Perhaps I could even be an Arabican coz of the strong western accent I have (but thank God its not American) and because I have been known to frequent some of the slicker night clubs in the UAE in my younger daze.

But nah. It seems like I dont fit into any of your groups, so I would perhaps just be that creepy loner you see walking around the campus.

Ironically most of my friends at my Uni belong to the Beemer Club. Infact my entire Uni is like one big rich Beemer Club and believe it or not, many of its members (but not most) are not as obnoxious or as arrogant as they may initially seem.

*Coughs Local Hero* ;)

moryarti said...

interesting demographics - my school (uni) things were slightly different ... we had

1) The Untouchables : sons of movie stars, ministers and ambassadors. If you were a guy, having lots of money is not enough to be part of the group... you have to have ultra social status. If you were a girl, you only needed to have big boobs and ur in.

2) The Jocks: ones on sports scholarships - guys are friendly, but way to competitive. Never see them around as they are always in practice. One thing i noticed about girls that belong to that group is that they are more in touch with their masculine side than they are supposed to be. Most of them are engineering/science majors.

3) The Stone-Heads: always near by Performing Arts and Theater department - rarely seen 1) without a guitar 2) sober and 3)wearing jeans thats hasn't been washed before 2 years. They are typically history, philosophy and theater majors cause they don't require minimum GPA.

4) The rich wannabes: Sons of nouveau riche butchers, drug dealers ...etc. You see them in relativly fancy cars, expensive clothes but with really really cheap taste.

5) the i_don't_belong_here_but_my_mom_works_in_the_library_so_i_get_to_pay_10%_of_tuition_only students: These guys are very simple and are down to earth. They avoid staying in uni cause they can't relate to anyone in it. Usually, computer science, engineering ..etc

6) Average Joe group (that was my group) : no fancy cars, no fancy clothes, totally chilled out, business/econ/mass-com majors... involved in some extra curricular activities - hung out with girls who are into real "substance" ;)

Dengrous Boy said...


MJ said...

Cool post. Nice to know that 'male only universities' has similar groups to my university.

The list of 'groups' of students in my uni will be too long to write as a comment. I will just have to look around and decide how many groups we have.

and... welcome back Emarati?

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